Group Walks

Private Walks

If you believe your dog would be more suited for a private walk, this can certainly be arranged! This is often common for senior dogs who find it challenging keeping up, puppies who aren't quite used to walking on the leash yet, females in season, or dogs with special needs or behavioral issues.

Private walks follow the same procedures as group walks, but provide some extra attention depending on your dog's circumstances. 

Meet & Greet

Before your pooch can become a member of our pack, we must first be introduced. As a dog's most comfortable in their own territory, a home visit is the perfect place to meet. During our initial orientation, I assess your dog's behaviour, go over details of your personalized walk and set goals for your dog.

  I take absolute care and caution blending the various personalities, creating a pleasant and safe situation for your pet.

If all goes smoothly, your dog will be added to our clientele and walks can begin right away!

All keys, fobs, buzzers, and passcodes will be kept in a locked box when not being used!

Keep Up With The Pack